Name Generation

“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare more than four hundred years ago in Romeo and Juliet. And just as in that tragedy, your brand’s name can help make or break your relationship with your key stakeholders. It’s a critical component of your total brand experience and needs to be in perfect harmony with all other aspects of the brand.

Martin Dawe Brand Design has created memorable names for a host of successful products. We absolutely love the challenge posed by name generation and have evolved a rigorous process which looks in-depth at a range of important factors. We research the market and target audience. We get under the skin of the brand to understand its core values and distil its essence.

Brand equity plays an important role at this point and we examine the deeper “hidden meaning” or “semiotics” of the brand, decoding it into signs and symbols, and their meanings. So when Martin Dawe Brand Design generates a name, you can be sure it will resonate with the consumers.