Martin Dawe Brand Design was approached by Avron Trading Group, an international supplier of car care and car accessory products, to generate a brand name and packaging design for its range of car products. The range of products spans 60 lines and therefore the name and packaging design needed to allow for a variety of packaging formats including cartons, hanging cards, blister packs and inserts.

After conducting a name generation brainstorm session, the name ‘Brookstone’ was chosen as it was felt to have a sense of heritage and fitted well with the target audience. The use of British racing green colour in the packaging design enhanced the heritage feel. Sub brand names of Touring, Drive, Protect, Sub-zero, Valet and Ignition were created and helped to categorise the products for easy navigation. Each sub brand name used a stylish colour coded swoosh panel and different photo image to support the category.

The clear, cohesive packaging design helps the customer at point of purchase at busy category fixtures. The strong brand identity and heritage cues ensure instant awareness.