East India Company

Just the name – The East India Company – conjures up images of exotic lands, far flung enticing products, and a wealth of luxurious memories. It is a name, an image that many will know of, yet its recent revival still required a substance, a grounding in order that consumers could engage with and experience again such a famous brand. With this incredible heritage in mind, Martin Dawe Brand Design, with a long established history of successful food packaging design, was appointed to lead their determined assault into the fine foods sector.We were asked to create a range of EIC packaging styles that captured this history and mystique, yet communicate the finest ingredients and the exceptional quality of the products. A major challenge was the fact that, as the winning agency, Martin Dawe Brand Design had to create design solutions for relatively low volume product lines without incurring large costs through the product ranges lack of economy of scale.

Martin Dawe Brand Design has vast experience in this type of economic challenge, where there is a need to craft a winning style within tight budgetary constraints.The answer was to focus on creating a pack ‘architecture’, and a common footprint that was transferable to each range, whilst still utilising the heritage imagery and associated elements from the EIC brief.An efficient solution was created, utilising Martin Dawe Brand Design’s technical expertise, making it possible to overprint the basic design to differentiate products within a range, thereby keeping individuality and appeal, yet still having the desired impact and style.

Martin Dawe Brand Design utilised the rich palette of designs and styles evocative of the brand to develop an economic yet effective packaging solution across the Fine foods range, using a clever ‘panel and tag’ design footprint across the range.This design solution gives clarity to the range; it gives a clear sense of uncompromising quality and exotic know-how, and most importantly, gives the consumer a strong, desirable connection to the brand’s use of quality ingredients and specialised, imaginative, and creative recipes.