First launched in 1991, Fruice was developed as an add-on to the growing soft drinks portfolio of Coca-Cola Bottlers Ireland, in the Republic of Ireland. In 2000 MDBD re-designed the Fruice logo and packaging for the Northern Ireland launch which proved to be very successful. To ensure continued success and to re-assure consumers of the quality and naturalness of the product MDBD were approached again to re-visit existing designs, also incorporating two new products to the range.

MDBD’s first consideration was to communicate the freshness and fun of the product whilst still maintaining the premium juice brand. As Fruice counts as ‘one of your five a day’ MDBD proposed  bold, wholesome imagery illustrating the real natural fruit content, delivering a message of quality and drinkability. The use of bold colours helps grab the consumer and the white space conveys a sense of purity of the product.

The Fruice brand is clearly defined, reminding the consumer of the pure and natural credentials of a premium product. The distinctive re-design ensures shelf stand out with great appeal, helping differentiate the Fruice brand in a highly competitive market.