MDBD has been advising TRS for a long time on the best approach to effective food marketing. As such TRS asked MDBD to create a new approach for TRS’ Spices, Lentils, Flours and Rices range. There was a need to create packaging that would suit both multiples marketing needs as well as the Cash & Carry and the independent trade. As such, MDBD also had to factor in the growing need for SRP (shelf ready packaging) in its design solution.

By adopting a ‘less is more’ approach to pack design, MDBD let the TRS brand be the hero, with retention of the TRS lady and simple explanatory graphics to highlight pack ingredients, aided by simple cut-away sections to reveal the product in each pack.

The new designs have been widely accepted – so much so that MDBD has created over 70 SKU’s for TRS.The ranges are featured in multiples as well as the independent trade, and also feature heavily in TRS export marketing.