White Pearl

As the only basmati rice brand that is aged for at least one year before milling, White Pearl was already a well-known and popular name within the ethnic food market. Although they were enjoying much success in their existing market, White Pearl also wanted to appeal to mainstream retailers. As a result, they enlisted the help of Martin Dawe Brand Design and gave the instruction to create packaging that would help them to stand out.

When MDBD was first given the brief from White Pearl, their product was sold in a polythene bag.  We introduced a matt and gloss UV foil block bottom bag as this depicted a more premium product. We developed the logo creating a new look and feel in order to further reflect the high-end qualities of the range. We also added the story of the product to the packaging to verify the authenticity of the rice and help consumers understand the origins of the food they were purchasing.

The redesign of White Pearl Basmati Rice has been incredibly well received and has helped the brand to be more widely recognised amongst mainstream retailers.