In 1998, Chilean Gonzalo Vial’s Agrosuper, decided to enter the wine making market by creating Viña Ventisquero, a vineyard featuring plantations with top of the line varieties. The company, due to its distinctive characteristics, is now amongst the world’s leading wineries, offering a wide range of wines.For their presentation into the UK and European markets, Martin Dawe Brand Design were asked to create one of the Ventisquero brands, Yali.

The design needed to be distinctive on shelf but maintain the characteristics present in the brand i.e. Chilean origin and the Yali bird (a common sighting in the region). Martin Dawe Brand Design created a colourful modern approach, with a stylised bird reflected in the stylised ‘A’ of Yali.

Aimed primarily at females, the ribbon style gave the appearance of elongating the bottle, while the subtle gold effect gave the whole brand it’s premium feel, relative to the price point.