Zoggs are a leading swimwear manufacturer who were looking for new ideas for a trade catalogue to promote their products in the 1 year to 14 year old children sector. A new catalogue was required as this sector has grown rapidly and Zoggs needed to cater for customer demands across the growing product range.

Following the brief, MDBD quickly recognised the need for a much more informative, user friendly catalogue that was fun and easy to read.MDBD designed a ‘wave style’ header treatment, to bring the products together under one impactful design concept: wave styles that could be colour coded to easily segment the product sectors. Upon further investigation of the product line up, MDBD also proposed further segmentation on age ranges:  Ages 1 – 6 and Ages 6 – 14 for easier product selection by customers.

The use of colourful lifestyle photography and age segmentation design was eagerly adopted by Zoggs, and the design concept has now been applied across the entire range of Zoggs brochures and leaflets.